Trabajo voluntario: Primera parte

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  1. Levindo Nascimento says / dijo: 12-25-2012

    I have read the article “Volunteering Part I” and I am willing to participate in the programme. I would lihke to get information about how to start.
    At the moment, I am finishing a my master degree and after February, or even in January, I will be able to offer some hours per day to work on translation as a volunteer.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Levindo Nascimento

    • Sol Vargas says / dijo: 12-25-2012

      Hello Levindo. I’m glad you want to contribute. I’m afraid I don’t organize any volunteer activities. I volunteered for Youth Leader through the United Nations volunteer page, You have to fill in some forms and they will contact you when they need your help. If you want to volunteer for Youth Leader, visit

  2. Gretchen says / dijo: 12-27-2012

    Dear Ms Vargas,

    Thank you very much for your article. It has been most useful :) .

    Best regards.

  3. Hayam says / dijo: 12-30-2012

    I love the article . Great idea look forward to help thank you .

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