Our Work

We are proud to say that we have helped our clients by delivering top-notch translation services on time every time. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Our translation services have helped companies forge relationships and make contracts with international business partners.

Some examples of our work for companies include:

- ISO Standards for the Cordoba Water Company.
- Websites for small businesses, research centers, hotels, and law firms
- Contracts: labor contracts, sale contracts, and lease agreements
- Health care: informed consents, public health campaigns, HMO internal documents,
surveys, questionnaires, and brochures
- Privacy Policies, articles of incorporation, and bylaws
- Publishing/copyright agreements, release agreements, disclosures, and terms of use agreements
- Newspaper and magazine articles
- Financial statements and accountants’ reports
- Insurance forms, tax forms, and fact sheets
- Bidding specifications

We also have extensive experience working with government agencies and law firms.

Some examples of our work for these agencies include: – Patent court judgments – Correspondence between judges – Official notices – Rulings, statements, and decrees – Pieces of legislation – Resolutions

Official Document Translation

We have helped individuals with their immigration process, university applications, adoption processes, and many other life-changing events. We have translated birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of divorce, diplomas, transcripts, criminal background checks, adoption papers, child custody documents, and much more. We have experience working with documents issued by different government institutions in Spain, England, the United States, and most Latin American countries. If you have an official document from Latin America that has already been translated, please let us revise it to ensure it will be accepted by American institutions.

Translations for the Hispanic market within the United States

As a Miami-based company, Xenia Languages is aware of the importance of the Hispanic market within the United States. We are also aware that many companies, health care providers, and educational institutions wish to reach this market. Because the founder of Xenia Languages is part of the Latin American community living in the United States, she is perfectly suited to translate texts addressed to this particular audience, including public health campaigns, brochures for educational institutions and health care centers, and marketing materials. We would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

Please feel free to contact us.