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June 9, 2012 // From our blog »

Sol Vargas - Xenia Languages

I admit it: I am new to blogging.  Although I have been a translator for years and I often read language blogs in my free time, I have always thought that blogging wasn’t for me.  I love reading—and writing—but a blog sounded like too much for me. How do I start?  Do I have to be a computer “genius”?  What approach should I take?  Aren’t there far too many bloggers already?  These and other questions made me a reader rather than a writer.

So, why did I finally jump into blogging?  Well, mostly because of other blogs.  Reading blogs by fellow translators and freelancers made me want to take part in the discussion.  Although most of us work from offices or home-offices, we are a community, and a generous one, that shares knowledge and support with newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.  Having benefited from this knowledge for so long, I would like to offer my take on interesting issues, share news and ideas, and become a more active part of the translation community.

I would also like to offer some professional advice to translation buyers.  I too have had to shop for professional translation services, and the task can be quite daunting.  That is why, as an insider in the English-Spanish translation community, I am pleased to share what I know by offering practical information and advice to those who may need it.

Feel free to comment on my posts, recommend other resources, or just connect.

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