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March 27, 2012 // Slides

Underground - LondonWith over ten years experience as a Spanish translator English. Experience is a key factor when choosing a translator. To translate is necessary to know the topic which is versando.

Any professional translator must go through a stage of initiation into the profession by working with other professional with experience already gained. Thus, the practitioner can correct the novel to know that the latter is able to work independently.

If the professional, in this case the English Spanish translator does not know the specific field on which you are working. The experience allows greater versatility and safety of the words used are correct at the time of the location of a text into another language.

Today, because of the media and especially to the facilities provided by the Internet when you publish an advertisement, it is easy to find professionals novice arising from such protection or who perhaps never had it and be able to believe to perform professionally.

The period of great tutelage with an experienced professional ranges between 7 and 8.

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